Friday, January 28, 2011

Why do lawyers blog?

The beginning stage of examining the topic of lawyer blogging and legal ethics is asking the question of why lawyers even blog in the first place. Why take the risk of being in violation of a Rule of Professional Conduct under the State bar, just for the sake of blogging?

In the April/May 2006 issue of Law Practice Magazine, this article examines, among other topics, the reasons that lawyers blog and whether lawyers are successful in achieving their objectives behind blogging.

Here are some thoughts on the article on why lawyers blog:
(1) Some attorneys blog to reach a wider audience than that would otherwise not be accessible. (like Ernie the Attorney )
(2) Other attorneys blog to get direct, immediate communication with a wide audience (such as Dennis Kennedy of The Dennis Kennedy Blog )
(3) Lastly, others, most controversially, use blogging as a marketing tool. (like The Legal Underground )

Next, it examines whether blogging “works” for lawyers in achieving their objectives behind blogging. According to the article, then, does blogging “work” for attorneys? The overwhelming consensus is that blogging achieves the goal of networking and increasing business.

The conclusion, therefore, is that lawyers blog, blogs are a useful tool in the legal community, and that they are not going away any time soon. Therefore, it is our job as lawyers to examine all of the ethical implications that surround blogging.


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