Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog thanks

So my blogging about legal ethics is "officially" done. But that doesn't mean I'm going anywhere. It just means I'll be blogging about all topics related to law, including legal ethics. This blog began as a project for a class (fun right?)

Who would have thought you could take such a fun class in law school? Well, you can at MSU Law and I did. The class is called "Topics in Professional Responsibility: The First Amendment and Regulation of Lawyers' Speech."

Frankly, I registered for this class because a) I needed a "paper" class to lighten my last semester 3L exam schedule, b) PR is interesting to me, and c) This same professor taught me PR and I felt in sync with her teaching-style.

But when I prepared for the first day of class, I noticed that the professor indicated on the syllabus that if you'd already completed your Upper Level Writing Requirement (I had), you could be a little more creative with your final paper than the standard 20-something page paper, with 200-something end notes, 12 point, Times New Roman font.

So I just wanted to take a moment to thank Professor Knake for allowing me to be more creative with my project. In addition, I would highly highly recommend that if you attend MSU Law to take Professor Knake for PR or any other class she may offer, because besides really having a passion for teaching, she treats students not as students but future lawyers, and colleagues. I can honestly say that I enjoyed taking both of her classes. (By the way-her Legal Ethics Blog can be found here).

I learned a great deal from this project. Aside from the substantive knowledge regarding lawyer regulation, I learned alot about networking and ALOT about blogging. Also, I feel as though this is a blog I can be proud of and fully intend on using it in future discussions with employers on what sort of impact law school had on me.

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