Thursday, June 7, 2012

2011 Graduates and the Job Market

In light of this article, I would like to know how my fellow 2011 law school graduates are faring in the job market. Are people where they expected to be post-graduation? If they had a crystal ball, and knew what the outcome would be, would they still go to law school?


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  2. May I suggest (as a '96 grad of law school) that one-year results are not the best measure?
    Of course, 15 years on, I can report that law school was a terrible investment from a financial standpoint. Almost any other use of that $100,000 would have been better. But since it lead to meeting my wife, I won't complain.
    I would most definitely recommend to NO-ONE that they get a law degree until AFTER they have actual experience working in a law firm (or such other enterprise as they wish to target, e.g. a VLP) in any capacity, e.g. desk clerk. This is the only way to discover whether you yourself are well suited for that environment; the ability to ace the LSAT and dream of being a Supreme Court clerk is so loosely related to happiness and success as an attorney that it is irrational to sink time and money into the project. Regrettably, law schools are so profittable that they continue to encourage such irrational choices among students.

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