Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lawyers who ignore social media=cavemen who refuse to hunt

The ABA Techshow was held on Monday, where co-presenters Robert Ambrogi and Reid Trautz shared tips on lawyers’ use of social media as a marketing tool. They also advised the audience to not “overreact about ethics rules. Follow the same etiquette for sharing (and common sense) that you would at a professional cocktail party.” I thought this was an interesting statement, seeing as there is great disagreement over the Internet on the role of ethical rules as applied to blogs. While new lawyers may, presumably, understand the inner-workings of social media better than those that have been in the profession for a substantial amount of time, it is still clear that no one knows what rules apply and what rules don’t apply. I will discuss later this week what changes I deem necessary to the ABA Model Rules.

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